Thank you for considering me and my services to help you with your efforts to make some important improvements in your life. Quite often, hypnosis is a “last resort” for people.

For most people it’s not enough to make a conscious decision to simply take on a new behavior because the acceptance of any new habit pattern requires subconscious reprogramming. Without any change at a subconscious level, your conscious decision to make the desired change will be undermined by your own subconscious belief that you need a cigarette every time you feel stressed or that you need to eat something because you’re bored, lonely, or stressed. Hypnosis silences the logical and analytical side of us and eliminates the “noise” or the distractions that often get in our way or even destroy our efforts to be or act in the manner that we wish.  

Because hypnosis is not a “one-size fits all,” our work together begins with a free consultation. Some people like to have their consultation in person while others prefer to do it over the phone. The choice is yours. Hypnosis is a consensual and collaborative process where we together to help you achieve your goals.  The consultation will allow me to learn more about you and your specific goals, explain the process of hypnosis, and determine how many sessions it will take to help you realize your goals.

Please contact us at (845) 750-3492 or by filling out our form. Your privacy is important to us and your information will remain confidential.

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