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Services at Mid-Hudson Valley Hypnosis

All sessions are tailored to meet the needs and goals of the client.

Stop Smoking – Hypnosis is a proven and effective way to stop smoking. Feel better, breathe easier, save money, and take control of your life. Using powerful hypnosis techniques and strategies, all cravings, urges, and desires to smoke will be eliminated. 

Lose Weight – Would you like to eat less and enjoy it more? Take control of the foods, thoughts, feelings, and the self-defeating behaviors that are sabotaging your efforts to look and feel your best.

Stress Reduction – A hypnosis session alone helps to reduce a client’s level of stress. In fact some research indicates that an hour of hypnosis is equivalent to five hours night time sleep. Learn how self-hypnosis techniques can help you learn to relax mentally and physically.

Overcome Fears – We are born with two fears: fear of falling and fear of loud noises. Everything else we have learned in life and you can unlearn any fear that has interfered with your ability to lead the life that you desire. Hypnosis targets the fear and the stress and anxiety the fear causes and reprograms the subconscious mind to eliminate the negative association.

Improve Sports Performance – Would you like to become a more focused and disciplined athlete? Many athletes are familiar with the term “in the zone.” Adding a training program that emphasizes mental focus, concentration, visualization, and rehearsal of future success can enhance your performance. 

Improve Academic Performance – Would you like to take control over some the problems that inhibit your academic performance? Hypnosis can provide a student with a calmer mindset that will improve their concentration, increase their recall while eliminating stress, worry and self-doubt.

Sleep Improvement – At night do you have an overactive mind? Are you trying to deal with day-to-day problems, tensions, and stress while trying to fall asleep? Following a hypnosis session people usually sleep soundly and deeply through the night because of the total bodily relaxation experienced during the session. 

Pain Management – Hypnosis isn’t about convincing you that you don’t feel pain; but instead it’s about helping you manage the anxiety, tension, and fear related to that pain. Hypnosis relaxes you and it redirects your attention from the sensation of pain or discomfort to something positive and pleasant. You are helped to use your imagination to change your experience in a way that is acceptable and desirable for you. With hypnosis you gain more control over the pain and gain more comfort.

Bedwetting – This is an issue that many families face every night. Kids can feel embarrassed about wetting the bed and anxious about attending sleep overs or overnight activities. Parents feel helpless because their family physician has assured them that nothing is medically wrong with the child. Hypnosis can help train a child’s brain and bladder to communicate with each other during the night so that they can either get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or hold it until the morning.